starting up again

am just getting started again after an illness
these are the three that I am trying to sort out...


done - I think

I think it is finished
pastels etc on largish canvas


needs roughing up

the next stage is to rough it up a bit
and blur the boundaries


two on the go

two pictures I have just started
the top one a dream commission sketched in
 and the lower one from the other morning
when the model left I was not pleased with
the picture but now I am looking forward
to developing it...
apologies for the "adult warning" before
you join the blog but I notice a couple of blogs
dealing with the figure have been closed down
because they lacked a warning... tedious


probably finished

probably done!

reworked and unfinished

the top image was on paper and is now
set on canvas and reworked

and this is from a session the other morning -
not yet finished
both mainly pastels and pigment


not what i expected

pastels and charcoal on paper
not what I started out to do!


red dress

it began as gouache and ended with pastel
and charcoal... been rereading about
Egon Schiele - perhaps it is rubbing off