Liquetex markers

just got some Liquetex markers and this is a ten minute
doodle just to start using them.
The idea is to use them to make different marks
and textures in dress areas
but also to wake myself up a bit!!


acrylic on canvas
reworking an older picture



this is a photo of the whole canvas

and this is a scanned detail of face
acrylic on canvas


lovely session

 a large charcoal on prepared paper

studio shot

a quick study to end the session

and detail of an acrylic I am working on
using more wet and dry than acrylic


Sunday's visitor

My model this morning in Conte and Derwent
hard pastels... a lovely body to draw and
an absolutely winning character
below a ten minute dip pen and ink
to finish the session


in progress

 above is a mixed media picture I
am working on
and below a much earlier version

and below a rough little doodle that
led to the ones above


another mix up

I enjoyed doing this one
everything except the oils ended up
making a guest appearance


very much mixed media

began as charcoal and ended up with
charcoal, acrylic inks, conte and various gessoes