from the studio floor

this has been lying around for a while
added some bits and bobs of acrylic today
 and a model friend in Italy sends me images
and this is a pose I like... pastel


Suzanne McDermott said...

Derek! Long time, no visiting. I came over to look through your recent work because I'm linking my current students up to your blog for exceptional examples of figure work. Not only have I enjoyed looking through your work over the past year or so - LOVE the landscapes and still life and color and... (of course the portraits and figures) - but also your blogroll . Wonderful to see so much more expressive, looser work (than evident from when I quit my landscape into art posts some years back.) Thanks for sticking it out for the long haul. Looking forward to sending over my students!

derek jones said...

thanks Suzanne, I hope my work helps your students, tell them not to be afraid to contact me if they have questions or comments!